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  • Deep Work: Why you need it and how to get more of it (Part III) - So far we’ve talked about what deep work is and rule #1 on how to get more of it. If you’re not familiar with deep work, why you need it, and what rule #1 is to get more deep work, you’ll want to read those posts first and then come back to this post. With this […]
  • Deep Work: Why you need it and how to get more of it (Part II) - Last time we talked about the basics of deep work and why you need it. This time I’ll share how to get more deep work, for those tasks that you have that require you to have intense focus to master, in your life. To work more deeply, I’ll go over Cal Newport’s 4 rules in […]
  • Deep Work: Why you need it and how to get more of it (Part I) - I just wrapped up Deep Work by Cal Newport and was blown away with all of the takeaways that came out of it. I’m going to give you a rundown, but it’s going to take a couple posts because it’s a LOT of information. Fair warning: Throughout this post, any statements I make or references […]
  • Recipe: Veggie-heavy Chicken Soup (and a couple rants about healthy eating) - #1 Secret to eating healthier I’ve done some dappling over the years with my nutrition to find the optimal diet for my health, and while there really isn’t ONE diet that “wins” from my perspective, there is one principle that prevails. Trust me, if you can do this ONE thing, you WILL be eating healthier: […]
  • Guest Post: The Planned Preoccupation Process - Today I have a special treat for you! My friend, Cori Casner from Planned Preoccupation, has agreed to share her process for ingraining new habits into her repertoire. With her process, she has reached her goals, repeatedly, and she’s going to share her process with us today. Here’s…Cori! ——————————————————————————————————————- Do you want to retire early; […]